Friday, July 9, 2010


He asked me to pick him up from the International Airport. The last time I’d seen him, it was far too short a visit. Three days after a year, just seemed a vicious tease. He’d asked only for me to meet him at SFO. I needed to be in heels, dress or skirt and my auburn hair down.

It took forever to find a dress that I wanted to wear only for him. I wanted just the right color. The right look which says, I’m classy yet I’m just enough of a slut for you. What caught my eye? A red printed dress, soft ruffles on the bottom, with a V-cut that showed just enough cleavage that I know would get a thankful nod.

I sat and waited, fidgeting with the hem of my skirt. Why was I so nervous? Crossing my legs and uncrossing, I could feel the hemline move higher. I pulled out a book but that didn’t help, I just wanted him. He’d said he had something special. But wouldn’t tell me what, I hated when he did that. The book was quickly thrown back into my purse.

I ran my hands up the sides of my ivory arms, it was cold in there. My phone vibrated softly against my leg, a new text just delivered. Stand up, it read. I did. The hemline fell softly, ruffles bounced as they landed in their place. Turning around, I looked for him. It took a moment to spot his round glasses and smiling face. Ivory skin turned pink as I smiled back. He was one of only a handful of men that could make me glow and blush at the same time.

His dark brown, leather briefcase between his feet, hands entwined in the back of my hair, he kissed sweetly. He tugged my head to the side, exposing my neck to his tender lips which nipped. Picking up the briefcase, he held my hand. I wasn’t going anywhere he knew that. But the simple act of holding me in place brought me into my space. This was where I belonged.

My heart skipped as I looked down to see in his hand smooth, polished steel. His hand released me as he slid the collar around my neck. I bent my head forward, hair falling in my face, so he could lock it in place.

A crowd gathered witnessing this tender moment and all I could focus on was my Master’s eyes as he looked through my soul.

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